Designed to combine superior quality, equipment, and aesthetics with functional and economic consideration, DLP No.1 offers much more than a simple office. Its unique and prestigious architecture bring higher standards and value to work and office life, while the sustainability of the privileges offered respond to the efficiency needs of the investors and the tenants.

An established neighborhood like Dolapdere deserves projects which respect it and its history. DLP No.1 was designed by a team of specialists to bring an item of distinct beauty which is in tune with the vitality of this colorful neighborhood, as well as to instill a unique perspective to business world.

Designed with all current and future needs and expectations of the users in mind, Dolapdere No.1 offers flexible office solutions. Offices are delivered ready for customization, and can be divided into sections as per specific requirements, and arranged as needed in accordance with corporate identity. High ceilings, wide and opening windows are among the standard features of DLP No.1, waiting for the potential tenants to enjoy a fun and productive work environment.