‘The modern city is not just a location. It is a string of images in and out of itself; a network of messages relayed. The city educates and conditions with its vistas, facades, and plan' says Berger. One of the older districts of Istanbul is now in the midst of revitalization through urban transformation. Dolapdere Office building is intended to contribute to this environment, with its architectural and spatial characteristics.

Located next to Bilgi University, Dolapdere Office refers to the low-rise and chaotic structure of the existing texture of the district. The theme of piling up makes office floors slide and rise on each other, providing solar shade or balcony services to each other. The building is composed of six floors above the ground floor, and extends on the horizontal axis in compliance with the form of the plot. The independent café and restaurant designs on the office entrance at the ground floor intend to breath life into the life on the street.

Office spaces are positioned in two structures which meet in an atrium. The atrium connects the two structures through the floors. Furthermore, the floors provide a recreation area evolving into a balcony for the staff, and allow all to enjoy the historical architecture of the area.

An industrial look was chosen for the façade of the building. It is based on dark colors and grey metal solar shades.

The elevation difference between the front and back sides was utilized by a rich courtyard contrasting the back façade of the building.

Bünyamin Derman / Senior Architect